Complete List of Software

If you are interested in a program of a certain category, please see our solutions page.
  • ADRIANA.Code for calculating physicochemical, 2D, 3D, and surface-based molecular descriptors and properties (please see CORINA Symphony)
  • BioPath.Database containing molecules, reactions and pathways involved in the endogenous metabolism
  • BioPath.Explore for the retrieval, analysis and exploration of BioPath.Database
  • ChemTunes Studio for the assessment of toxicity information of chemical compounds
  • CORINA Classic for generating low-energy 3D molecular models
  • CORINA Symphony for managing, manipulating and profiling molecular data sets for in silico discovery and optimization experiments
  • CORINA_F CORINA interfaced to FlexX docking program
  • CRAFT for modeling and evaluating the chemical reactivity, persistence and biodegradation of chemicals in the environment
  • METIS for input and storage of information about metabolism and degradation reactions
  • ROTATE Classic for generating conformational ensembles
  • SONNIA for analyzing and modeling chemical data
  • STERGEN for enumerating stereoisomers
  • SYLVIA for estimating the ease of synthesis of organic compounds